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Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Sold. Autodesk Mudbox 2009.

One of the latest CG Society Feature Articles went over the newest Mudbox 2009 release. Simply, amazing potential. Bravo to Autodesk for investing in the product and backing its refinement! I never thought I would steer from ZBrush's fluidity. But I think I may veer off course and take the plunge.

For those of you new to 3D, and are asking "What the hell is this ump-teenth Autodesk release you speak of Zeb?!" I answer. ~ The one you have been waiting for kiddies!

I won't go into every little feature, but the 2 features that stood out primarily to me was in the "realtime shadows, reflection mapping, ambient occlusion mapping and depth of field." Mudbox can handle well into the 30 millions of poly's as well! Thats like sculpting with water ladies and gentlemen... I saw this demo live @ SIGGRAPH 2008 in L.A. and I had to pick my tongue off of the floor.

Game changing software capability # 2 for me is the ability to model and paint in different subdivisions on different layers and at the same time be able to control the opacity and multiplier effects of each layer in combination or individually with the ease of painting alpha maps! "WTF?!" you ask... Unlimited control I answer.

I leave you with some goodies~

The famous Mudbox frog

Harsh Borah

Danny Williams

Peter Zoppi

If you want to see the full article check out it out at CG Society.

Looking forward to the summer. Muscle project is almost complete, and I want to make creatures again. Now with Mudbox 2009.


  1. Awesome! I just need to get down 3Ds Max, then on to something this powerful.

  2. Goodluck! Thanks for posting the image :-)

  3. My pleasure Danny! Lovin your stuff! Very inspirational!

  4. Mudbox-A?? I'll have to look into it myself... I'd like to see your 'muscle' project when you're done...