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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Panoramic Settings in CS4

Photoshop versions have long had the ability to make Panoramic photos out of several image layers. It became a REALLY good tool in CS3 but now has Anti-Dithering (the dark rings at the edges and corners of your beautiful photos) and awesome Image Blending capabilities as well.

My first subject: The Great Tetons in Jackson Hole Wyoming! 12 photos all together with a little Sony Snapshot 8megapixel camera. Pretty happy with the results!


  1. Really nice Job. You can't see the seems at all. Nice pic

  2. Wow! Amazing picture Zeb! I need to do this with the shots I took in Vail, Colorado.

  3. That's cool. How about HDRI 360 panorama?

  4. Nah, bunch of cars parked in the way behind me. Theoretically it would work just the same though!