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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yashimo Update

So I am nearly ready to animate the story. It shouldn't be a big problem. He will be very lighthearted and comedic throughout the entire Animation.

Here is the basic rig I set up for Yashimo. He has two bones driving his torso, so I can get some subtle animation and center of gravity changes. He has 4 fingers rigged for both hands. The fingers are driven by IK solvers. His antennae are linked to the head bone tip and have Flex modifiers on them so I don't need to animate the subtle antenna wiggles (hopefully) His eyes may be tricky because I have enabled squash and stretch for his torso bones; so when he squashes the eyes don't stay stationary in their location on his head. I did not want them to be affected by the skin, bu may need them to be after some tests....

I am very proud of the easel because it should be a very easy part of the animation. I created a Master control in the mid section of the easel and then a sub control at the top of the Easel that way I can control its center of rotation from the middle (where Yashimo will be holding it) or from the top when I need to make corrections. Each leg of the Easel can rotate independently from the top at any angle, and the lower legs can telescope in and out with only one axis. I have restricted everything in the scale, rotation and translation axis that shouldn't be moved.

I can't wait to knock this one out of the park!


  1. And knock it out of the park you will! This looks awesome...still!

    Although, I still don't understand half the things you say yet. Haha!

    What is with the double pyramid over Yashimo's head in the first image there? I was just curious.

  2. Tis a bone my good man! I am using it to move the upper half of his torso around!!! :)

  3. looks like you may be using max so I'm not sure how this could help. BUt have you thought about constraining the eyes to the head? it works a bit like parent but constrain actually works when You want it to. I don't know much about how it works but I do know that I've used it a couple times. it may help to keep the eyes in place while you squash and stretch

  4. Yeah. I ended up creating helper controls for the eye's rotations and then skinning the geometry to the bone that squashes and stretches. Then linked the helper object to the same bone as well so the helper moves along in position.