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Monday, February 23, 2009

Skull Completed

So here is the completed model for my skull I am using for the muscle based rig.

I'm sure you will note that the model is faceted. This is because it looked off being so smooth (skulls are not smooth) I plan on roughing it up and texturing it via Zbrush with some more time. But for now having it faceted keeps it rough enough for me.

On to a bit more research. I have a little problem trying to figure out how I am going to ensure the NURBS based Muscles stay attached to the skull geometry to simulate how muscles are attached and slide over the skulls of real humans.

Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks Jason! Your stuff is rocking as well!

  2. The skull looks like it will work; the muscles probably will hide any odd looking stuff anyhow... About Maya's muscle system... If someone was to use their muscles, would you make the character's skin, just a bag? I mean, wouldn't you cut out sculpting muscles? Would the skin then be applied as cloth? I dunno, just curious! Take care Zeb, and good luck on this stuff... I'll subscribe...

  3. Drew:

    The skin works the same way as if you were using only bones. The muscles depending how you use them will at least add jiggle and subtle animation in situations such as running or jumping.