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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wheelchair Model

So one of the main characters in our story is a boy who is sick and confined to a wheelchair. I figured that a wheelchair model would be fairly easy, but took an approach that allowed me to replicate all the details of the fasteners, welding(s), and intricacies that actually make up a wheel chair.

The rendering style is one I have been wanting to experiment with for a while. It is a combo of Mental Ray interior lighting setup, Ambient Occlusion, and a Contour shader to add the Vector Stroke look. Pretty happy with it.

I have no idea what is up with Blogger's compression of video Mine is Quicktime H.264. Will look into it soon.


  1. That's an awesome render, it could pass as a technical drawing. Really good little details on the wheelchair. Are you guys making this project in Maya?

  2. This is a fantastic model Zeb. The detail work is simply awesome.

  3. The whole project will be in Maya Marcelo. I am modeling in 3ds Max because it is more efficient to access various tools. We will be needing some good character animators come around October this year. S0 keep your schedules open, this could really put everyone involved on the digital bad-ass map.